What if I lose my device?
In the current version of the app, your contacts are saved on device only. So you’ll lose all the contacts.

What if I add a contact to the device?

We’ll maintain a local separate copy of all the contacts.

What if I delete a contact from the device?

The contact will be deleted from the device but not from our app.

What if a third party app ask for contacts permission?

We don’t share any data with third party application. However, an app can ask for the permission to access device contacts. In this case, the contacts saved only with our app will not be shared.

Will my information or contacts be sold or used by anyone else?

No. We’ll never share your contacts to anyone else. Rather, we’re aiming to protect your contacts from any app installed on your device.

How can I register/login?

Currently, we support only third party auth login like, facebook, google etc.